How Does Rotary Kiln Solve Dust Pollution

时间:2022-03-18 作者 :超级管理员

Dust pollution is also a major problem in today's pollution. As a member of building materials equipment, rotary kiln has its own way to prevent dust pollution.

Solving the dust pollution of the rotary kiln is a major progress of the rotary kiln towards environmental protection. The calcined materials are inseparable from the rotary kiln equipment, which has the characteristics of reliable operation, large processing capacity and high production efficiency. The occurrence of dust will affect the production efficiency of the equipment to a certain extent. How to solve the problem of dust removal in the rotary kiln.

1. Use the vibration method. Sometimes the dust particles inside the filter bag of the rotary kiln are large, which can be effectively treated by high-speed vibration without affecting other components.

2. Use washing materials for cleaning. This refers to choosing the right washing materials, remember to match them properly, and also use low-temperature water for cleaning, keeping the cement uniform, etc., which can reduce the damage to a greater extent.

rotary kiln

3. The method of drying at high temperature is adopted. In this method, the temperature is controlled to be within a certain range, so that it can be dried with hot air without deforming it.

4. The method of using high pressure water gun. This method is to use water to expand very much under high temperature and high pressure, and then use a high-pressure water gun to inject water into the crust on the inner wall of the kiln tail, which will generate a huge impact force. Part of the material in the rotary kiln was shaken and collapsed, and the crust was removed, which achieved the effect of clearing the blockage and crusting of the rotary kiln preheater system.