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How to Adjust the Firing Speed of Powder Calciner


The temperature in the powder calcining kiln is very high, and the material used to make it has strong heat resistance. Kilns are mainly used to make some industrial products, and they provide high temperature. Not only the temperature of the kiln, but also the firing speed of the kiln can be adjusted flexibly. If we want to make the industrial products burn faster, how should we adjust the firing speed of the kiln?

1. Some raw materials of powder calcining kiln contain more mineralizer components, which can make the mineralization reaction between the main components complete quickly, so that the products can be sintered quickly to form a solid mineralized substance, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid sintering. In some raw materials, it is difficult to carry out the mineralization reaction among the main components because of the small amount of mineralizer contained in them.

2. As the raw materials used are basically fixed, the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials are relatively stable and will not change greatly. When the firing speed and temperature of powder calcining furnace are consistent with the range of raw material firing temperature, high-quality products can be produced. If a certain condition fails to meet the requirements of raw materials, inferior brick or inferior brick will appear.

3. If the content of large particle SiO2 in the raw material is large, the volume of Si02 will change due to the transformation of crystal form during the sintering process. When the content of SiO2 in the raw material is more than 75%, it is unfavorable to the firing process of the product. If the content is more than 80%, the volume of the product will not shrink, but expand, which will greatly reduce the flexural strength. Therefore, it is necessary to control the content of raw materials.

The firing speed of powder calcining kiln is mainly related to the raw materials fired in the kiln. If conditions permit, we can make a reasonable adjustment to the raw material proportion of the things to be fired. If the temperature is properly adjusted, the firing speed of the kiln can also be improved.

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