How to Clean the Rotary Kiln

时间:2015-05-27 作者 :adminhk

Kiln cleaning is of great significance for the continuous and normal operation of rotary kiln, so it is necessary for us to do this work well. So how should we clean the kiln? In the following article, the editor will introduce to you, let's get to know.

1. Before stopping the fire, it is necessary to inform the coal mill to stop feeding coal to the coal bunker 4-8 hours in advance, so as to carry out the over burning of the empty bunker, overhaul or check the coal machinery (coal dividing wheel or coal double pipe cutter), and avoid the spontaneous combustion of coal in the bunker during the overhaul.

2. Cut off the power for dust collection 1-2 hours before the material reduction, and then reduce the material to about 2 / 3. This is to reduce the material from more to less, from thick to thin, and the firing temperature from high to low in the process of kiln cleaning, so as to prevent the temperature of the firing belt and the tail temperature from being pressed down due to the thickness of the material layer after stopping, resulting in excessive heating of the unloaded chain, even burning out, or burning out the cyclone of the cyclone preheater. If forced air pressure to reduce coal, slow train is too large, it will produce material, affecting the quality.

3. Stop feeding after 1-2 hours of material reduction. After stopping, keep the tail temperature about 20-30 ℃ lower than the normal temperature, reduce the coal consumption on the basis of no waste, and reduce the exhaust air volume. If the tail temperature cannot be reduced, the wet process kiln can add water to the kiln properly; the dry process kiln with preheater can open the cold air door; the kiln type with vertical tube preheating can open the smoke cap to prevent the various equipment at the kiln tail from burning. In the control of calcination, it should be done not to burn the fire, keep the granulation, and keep the fire to the middle and lower to prevent burning the kiln skin. With the thinning of the material layer, the tail temperature decreases gradually. When there is almost no material in the firing zone, stop the coal and stop the fire, reduce the kiln speed to the lowest level, stop adding water at the kiln end, and stop the exhaust fan, so that the kiln will slowly cool down, and at the same time, turn off the water cooling.

4. In order to prevent the kiln body from bending when it is shut down at high temperature, it should be slowly rotated at the lowest level for about 1 hour before shutting down. After stopping, it should be rotated by auxiliary motor until the surface of kiln skin is dark.

5. In order to ensure no quick cooling or avoid the explosion of refractory bricks, the exhaust fan shall be opened 4 hours after the fire is stopped, and the kiln door shall be opened to cool down the kiln.

After reading the above introduction, the user may think that the kiln cleaning work of the rotary kiln is a tedious work, but it is precisely because of these tedious work that the equipment can operate normally to ensure our work efficiency.