How to Deal with Power Failure of Rotary Kiln System

时间:2021-12-10 作者 :超级管理员

Sudden power failure of the whole rotary kiln system, even the raw material system and cement mill system, resulting in power failure of the whole line and even the whole plant, mainly caused by electrical failure, and most of them occur in rainy days (the line is easy to "short circuit" or "grounding") in which case, the personnel in the central control room should immediately turn on the standby power supply, Turn on the auxiliary drive of the kiln and rotate the kiln slowly (especially in rainy days, the kiln body is easy to deform), and then turn on the auxiliary drive of the main exhaust fan through relevant personnel to prevent the fan blade from deforming under high temperature after the fan stops brick. If the main exhaust fan is not equipped with auxiliary drive, the crowbar shall be used to manually drive the fan blade in time (generally, the fan blade can rotate automatically). After the power supply is restored, the kiln tail exhaust fan, kiln head coal feeding system, clinker conveying system, grate cooler system and main exhaust fan shall be started as soon as possible. After opening relevant equipment, check whether all pipelines of preheater are blocked and whether all ash discharge valves are flexible. After the grate cooler is started, observe whether all materials in one room can be transported away to prevent "snowman". In case of emergency shutdown for any reason, the following points shall be achieved for the equipment:

1. The main exhaust fan must rotate continuously;

2. The inlet temperature of the main exhaust fan shall be controlled within the specified range;

3. The whole system shall be controlled under negative pressure;

4. In order to prevent the deformation of the kiln body, continuous slow rotation shall be carried out to avoid sharp cooling in the kiln and damaging the kiln lining;

5. Pay attention to the control of the temperature of the grate plate in the first chamber of the grate cooler to avoid burning the grate plate due to the lack of cooling in the first chamber for a long time, and pay attention to the clinker temperature at the coolant outlet to prevent the "snowman" in the cooler;

6. When the quality of clinker is poor, the warehouse shall be replaced in time;

7. Turn off the water pump of the humidification tower in time to prevent the humidification tower from wetting the bottom;

8. After power failure, pay attention to protect the kiln temperature and key equipment.