How to Deal with the Aging Phenomenon of Rotary Kiln?

时间:2021-04-21 作者 :超级管理员

Rotary kilns is a new type of kiln in recent years. Because it is widely used, most people are familiar with it. We can often use it. It is prone to aging and abrasion when working in a high temperature environment for a long time. Then, how should we deal with it when the kiln is aging? Let's introduce it below.

Rotary kiln

   1. Inorganic glue is used for the maintenance of the rotary kiln to bond the refractory bricks with high strength, good heat resistance and long service life, so inorganic bonding and pasting technology are selected.

2. Glue, if the water absorption is slow, you can directly apply the paste glue around the bricks; if the fire brick absorbs severely, first wet it with component B and apply the glue. The compressive strength of the cured glue is as high as about 90MPa. , The tensile strength is 1.8-3.3MPa, far exceeding actual needs.

   3. Process: room temperature×(12-24)h→80℃×2h→150℃×2h.

   The above is about the countermeasures to the aging phenomenon of the rotary kiln. If it is not repaired for a long time, it will cause damage to the equipment and serious accidents. Then, when dealing with it, we must first select the appropriate bonding process, and then the use of glue and the control of room temperature. However, daily maintenance is still very important.