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How to Deal with the Aging Phenomenon of Rotary Kiln


Rotary kiln is a new type of kiln in recent years. Because it is widely used, most people are familiar with it. We can often use it. It is easy to produce aging and wear when it works in high temperature environment for a long time. Then, how should we deal with the aging phenomenon when the kiln appears? Let's introduce it.

1. During the maintenance of rotary kiln, the inorganic adhesive firebrick is used for its high strength, good heat resistance and long service life, so the inorganic adhesive and adhesive technology is preferred.

2. If the water absorption is slow, the paste glue can be directly applied around the brick to build; if the water absorption of the firebrick is serious, soak it with component B first, and then apply the glue. The compressive strength of the solidified rubber is about 90Mpa, and the tensile strength is 1.8-3.3mpa, far exceeding the actual needs.

3. Process: room temperature × (12-24) H → 80 ℃× 2H → 150 ℃× 2H.

The above is the way to deal with the aging phenomenon of rotary kiln. If it is not repaired for a long time, it will cause equipment damage and serious accidents. Then, in response, we should first choose the appropriate bonding process, followed by the use of glue and room temperature control. However, daily maintenance is still very important.

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