How to Deal with the Appearance of Red Kiln in Rotary Kiln?

时间:2014-07-16 作者 :admin

Rotary kiln is a kind of kiln which is widely used at present. It improves the productivity and reduces the difficulty of production. When the kiln is used for a period of time, the phenomenon of red kiln will appear, which will cause damage to the kiln, and the products produced will also fall off and deform. Then, the following small edition will introduce to you how to prevent it at ordinary times.

1. Directly reduce the pulverized coal feeding amount of the rotary kiln until the temperature of the firing zone drops down. For example, the coal supply is directly adjusted from 7.5t/h to 5t / h.

2. Increase the rotary speed of kiln body, and increase the rotary speed of kiln rapidly. Example: increase the speed from 2.5rpm to 3.5rpm.

3. Reduce the supply of primary air. For example, let the speed of primary fan be reduced from 1200rpm to 1000rpm and DP be adjusted from 80% to 50%. The fan pressure decreased from 24000 to 20000 PA until NOx decreased to a significant change.

4. The adjustment of the feeding quantity in the kiln can directly reduce the feeding quantity by 5t-10t.

5. In the dynamic balance, the kiln skin is generally even and rough, the material roll is smooth and smooth, the material layer is uniform and stable, and the clinker quality is improved.

6. The comprehensive economic benefits are significantly improved without stopping production, changing the existing operation parameters and using no materials.

7. In the heat treatment of the kiln, the personnel and equipment are all outside, which is not harmed by the high temperature of the kiln, and has good adaptability to the environment of high temperature and large dust. That is to say, the personnel and equipment involved in the collapse of the kiln are also harmless.

8. The accidents of red kiln, big and small ball and egg forming are effectively prevented; the lining, bearing bush, motor and barrel of zinc oxide rotary kiln are effectively protected and the service life is significantly prolonged.

9. High impact energy and high speed in dealing with the accident of zinc oxide furnace ring formation. Several minutes and dozens of minutes to quickly remove the ring in the kiln.

10. The machine has many functions, which can prevent the effective removal of the knot circle, and can also smash the big and small egg balls in the kiln.

The above is the preventive measures for the red kiln phenomenon when we use the rotary kiln. Once the red kiln phenomenon occurs, it will have a huge impact on us. The kiln will be damaged and the product quality will be limited accordingly. Therefore, we must take correct measures to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, so as not to affect our benefits.