How to Deal with the Exhaust Gas Generated by the Operation of the Rotary Kiln?

时间:2021-10-12 作者 :超级管理员

As we all know, the rotary kiln will produce some waste gas when it is in operation, so it is necessary to treat the waste gas well, otherwise it will cause pollution to the environment and the air. So how to deal with the exhaust gas generated by the operation of the kiln equipment? Let the experts of Hongke give you the answer below.

The rotary kiln uses the circulating fan control system and the exhaust gas treatment system to process the exhaust gas. The circulating fan can improve the heat utilization rate in the kiln and improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace. The heating section and constant temperature section of the kiln body are equipped with multiple sets of circulating fans, each circulating The fans work independently and do not interfere with each other. Each temperature zone is set with partitions to make it an independent heating and constant temperature zone, which reduces mutual interference and facilitates flexible adjustment. The cooling section of the same type is equipped with cold air fans, and all circulating fans are performed by multiple inverters. Control and adjust the speed.

   In addition, the front end of the rotary kiln body is equipped with an exhaust gas discharge pipe, and a plug-in plate regulating valve is installed in the pipe to adjust the exhaust gas flow. The whole set of equipment consists of three parts: furnace body, transmission system and temperature control system. Therefore, in the entire production process, in order to prevent environmental pollution, except for waste gas treatment, no refractory fiber is directly used in its internal kiln. , To prevent the high temperature crystallization and pulverization of refractory fibers from polluting the powdered heat-treated products. Therefore, the treatment of waste gas is inseparable from the cooperation of multiple systems. If the waste gas after production is directly discharged, it will cause unfavorable conditions for our surrounding environment.

Rotary kiln

In order to reduce the emission of exhaust gas, the equipment uses a circulating fan to treat the exhaust gas. It can operate independently to reduce interference between the equipment. The exhaust gas discharge pipe is installed according to the installation. When the exhaust gas is processed, it can reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment. , Improve the efficiency of the equipment.

   So if you want to deal with and solve the waste gas generated by the operation of the rotary kiln, you can refer to the above contents to help you better solve the problem. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the kiln equipment, which can extend its service life.