How to Deal with the Rotary Kiln when There is a Sudden Power Failure?

时间:2021-06-25 作者 :超级管理员

During the use of the rotary kiln, if there is a sudden power failure, the correct equipment handling and personnel management is very important. How to properly perform the power failure operation of the equipment is the key to our equipment use.

  1. Quickly close the gas valve and combustion air valve in front of each spray gun.

   2. Open the manual bypass exhaust valve of the main pipeline of the rotary kiln and the exhaust valve of the combustion-supporting pipeline.

  3. Close the manual valves before and after the solenoid valve of the coal bearing.

  4. Open the fire viewing holes in each area, slowly reduce the temperature in the kiln, so that the temperature in the kiln drops to normal temperature, and open the accident port to cool down if necessary.

  5. Find out the cause of the power outage. After the power outage is restored, follow the normal gas operation sequence to ignite and increase the temperature, and enter the bricks after reaching the firing temperature.

6. If the power outage does not exceed 10 minutes, you can directly start the sequence of transmission, smoking, combustion, and hot air blower, and then start the solenoid point valve to supply air and heat up. Pay special attention to setting the automatic control actuator of the executive instrument to the manual control actuator. The degree of opening cannot exceed 25%. If the temperature is not enough, the rotary kiln can be slowed down to ensure product quality.

Once the rotary kiln has a sudden power failure, the equipment can be operated in accordance with the above detailed operations, and in order to avoid the panic caused by personnel who have not experienced such problems, we also need to conduct relevant knowledge training in advance to ensure that each Aspects.