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How to Install Rotary Kiln?


The main function of rotary kiln is to calcine chemical clinker and calcine various metal materials and refractories in metallurgical industry, and its loading density will directly affect the use of the equipment. What should be paid attention to in kiln loading? Next, we will give a detailed explanation

1. If the kiln is too dense, it will directly lead to excessive air flow resistance in the rotary kiln, which is not conducive to ventilation and the temperature in the kiln will not be uniform.

2. The gap distance between green bodies and green bodies should be controlled at about 5 mm. During the process of loading, the open flame naked burning is used for the support structure of the shed plate, and each plate is supported by three pillars.

3. The upper and lower shed boards should be kept in a stable, straight and even arrangement. The height of the products in each layer should be basically the same, and the shapes and sizes should be different.

4. When the whole car is loaded, the relatively short green body should be installed in the middle of the equipment.

5. If the green body is high, the long column should be placed at the top or bottom, which is conducive to maintaining the heat balance of the green body in the rotary kiln under the high-temperature air flow environment, thus shortening the firing time and reducing the fuel consumption to a certain extent.

6. The green body placed on the shed plate needs to be packed properly to prevent the air flow from being pumped away by the chimney due to too fast air flow, which can improve the heat utilization rate.

When using the rotary kiln, we need to take some measures to control the density of the kiln, so as to control the internal temperature of the equipment and reduce the waste of raw materials.

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