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How to Reduce the Wear of Rotary Kiln


In the long-term operation of rotary kiln, the main parts will appear some degree of wear. If the wear is serious, it needs to replace new parts, which brings some cost increase to the enterprise, so reducing wear is a good thing for the enterprise.

1. Lubrication of the drive

The lubrication of this part of rotary kiln is mainly the lubrication between gears. Because the pores between gears are very limited, if graphite is used as lubricant, it is not reasonable, but the oil injection lubrication method is used. How to avoid the vertical lubrication method needs to be noticed that the operator needs to check the oil injection status in time and confirm it.

2. Lubrication between cylinder base plate and rolling ring

Graphite has excellent fluidity and smoothness, and is suitable for lubrication of parts requiring a large number of lubricants.

3. Lubrication of supports

The lubrication of the surface of the roller ring and the tugboat of the rotary kiln is relatively simple. The damage of the kiln parts needs to be noted that the size of the graphite block will change in the long-term work of the equipment. If the graphite block is found to be smaller, the maintenance personnel of the vertical kiln must replace the graphite in time, otherwise the desired lubrication effect will not be achieved.

If we do well the lubrication work among the accessories of the rotary kiln, we can ensure the more stable operation of the equipment, so as to reduce the problem of wear and reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

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