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How to Scientifically and Effectively Heat the Rotary Kiln


Rotary kiln belongs to the category of building materials equipment, which refers to rotary calcining kiln. It is widely used in many production industries such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc. Its function in production is to use rotary drum equipment to mechanically, physically or chemically process solid materials.

Due to its working characteristics, the rotary kiln will come into contact with gasified corrosive substances such as chlorine and sulfur contained in the raw materials when processing solid materials, and these substances will corrode the inner wall of the rotary kiln. Taking thermal insulation measures, a large amount of heat will escape, which will not only affect the working efficiency of the rotary kiln, but also cause problems in the physical condition of the staff due to the overheated workshop.

The anti-corrosion and thermal insulation measures of rotary kiln can be repaired and prevented in advance by using Handy thermal insulation and anti-corrosion material. This material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, waterproof, breathable and anti-corrosion. Apply to the surface of any object to achieve long-term thermal insulation and anti-corrosion effect. It can not only be used in rotary kilns but also in different fields. It has stable and long-lasting adhesion on metals and building materials, which can help enterprises save a lot of fuel, reduce production costs and improve working environment.

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