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How to Solve the Common Faults of Dryer?


Dryer can be divided into industrial production and civil type, industrial production dryer is also called drying equipment or dryer equipment, civil dryer is a kind of laundry equipment, generally after water cleaning and drying, it is used to remove water in clothing and other textile products. How to solve the common faults of dryer? Let me tell you.

Common fault 1.:Switch on the power supply, but the temperature control switch is not on?

Solution: 1. Check whether the temperature control switch is burned

2. For electric heater dryer, check whether the temperature control room is on or off

3.12 、 16 、 20 、 100 to check whether the transformer is in good condition

Common fault 2: dryer "set off firecrackers"?

Solution: this may be due to the high temperature of the dryer, which may cause fire in the dryer; it may also be due to the "firecrackers" condition caused by the blockage of the dryer. For the former one, the dryer temperature should be reduced; for the latter one, the dryer equipment should be removed to keep the dryer unobstructed.

Common fault 3:centrifugal fan does not turn?

Solution: 1. Check whether the AC contactor is closed

2. Check whether the commercial insurance is burnt out

3. Check whether the thermal maintenance is in normal operation

4. Check whether the motor is burnt out

5. Check whether the switching power supply is open phase

Common fault 4: air drying temperature does not rise? (35, 50 and 100 electric heater dryers)

Solution: 1. Check whether the AC contactor is closed

2. Check whether the commercial insurance is burnt out

3. Check whether the heating tube is intact

4. Check whether the equipment exhaust system is smooth

Common faults 5. Can the raw materials be dried at one time?

Solution: the dryer is very small, and there are too many raw materials in the dryer; it is also possible that the air network pressure and flow calculation is wrong and incorrect; there is also a reason that the dryer operator does not understand the dryer, leading to the dryer misoperation. For one reason, it can replace the dryer with a larger volume; it can also load less at each discharge; it can also raise the temperature of the dryer, but this kind of method is very easy to cause fire in the dryer, so it can also change the dryer. For the two reasons and the third reason, we can contact the dryer equipment manufacturer to solve the problem. The former one can require the dryer manufacturer to measure the air pressure and total flow again, and then show the design budget estimate plan according to the specific situation; the latter can negotiate with the dryer manufacturer to ask for the instructions of the machine and equipment, learn and train the proper way to use the dryer.

Common faults 6. Raw materials consumed by dryer equipment?

Solution: if the thermal insulation capacity of machinery and equipment is poor, it is necessary to improve its thermal insulation characteristics and wrap a layer of thermal insulation materials. If there are problems in the design scheme of dryer or dryer furnace, contact the manufacturer for solutions.

Common fault 7. Raw material wet area uneven?

Solution: it may be due to the incorrect operation of the dryer equipment, or it may be that the raw materials of the dryer are damaged by ultra-low temperature. In view of the former one, it is necessary to improve the professional technical training of the actual operation staff, so that they can flexibly use the actual operation methods; if the raw materials are agglomerated, the air dried raw materials need to be crushed and then air dried.

Common faults 8. Raw material fire of dryer?

Solution: the raw material cannot be absorbed, which causes the fire in the dryer; it may also be that the dryer equipment is too small to achieve the actual effect of air drying and forced temperature rise, thus causing a fire; there may be a wrong operation of the dryer equipment; the second is that the structural design of the dryer equipment is not very good. For one reason, it is necessary to check whether the dryer equipment is properly installed, whether it is leaking steam or lifting the air pressure; for the second reason, the dryer can be renovated, and the dryer with larger volume can be replaced; if the operator does not understand, he can understand the dryer again, and pay attention to the common problems in the actual operation of the dryer; it is a difficult problem of the machine and equipment itself, so it is necessary to specify the production The manufacturer replaced or renovated the dryer. To the beam carrier. As a lifting equipment, complete the assembly and disassembly of the bridge erecting machine. It is also used for erecting dry bridge with low pier body.

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