How to Upgrade the Technology of Cement Rotary Kiln

时间:2018-10-26 作者 :adminhk

Cement rotary kiln is also known as shaft kiln. Nowadays, most of the shaft kilns were designed and put into use in 1999. Its output is low, the cost is high, and it is difficult to operate. After our unexplained discussion and exploration, we successfully developed a new generation of shaft kiln. The whole computer operation control and display of each performance index of the kiln are easy to operate. Moreover, compared with the original kiln, it is energy-saving, with high output and cost At present, the daily output can reach about 40 tons. If the original output does not exceed 20 tons, the same heat energy is used. In contrast, the new generation of kilns are manufacturers of refractory materials.

In the process of cement rotary kiln consumption, electrical problems or substation problems, fan stop running, wind blade deformation are often encountered. In order to avoid the occurrence of the problem, we should try our best to prevent it, so we should do the following things well. The whole system of cement rotary kiln should be controlled under negative pressure, so it is necessary for the main exhaust fan to change continuously; the inlet temperature of the main exhaust fan should be controlled within the regular range; the continuous slow rotation should be stopped to prevent the rapid cooling in the cement rotary kiln from damaging the kiln lining and preventing the kiln body from deformation; when the clinker quality is poor, the warehouse should be changed in time; the humidifying tower should turn off the water pump in time to prevent the humidification tower from wet bottom.