Ignition Operation Skills of Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-05-26 作者 :adminhk

No matter in what occasion or what kind of rotary kiln products, ignition is required before use. Ignition operation is a very important step, which is related to the normal operation of the kiln and normal production, so there are some skills to master when ignition.

No matter whether the rotary kiln is newly built or put into operation after maintenance, the whole firing system should be tested in linkage before ignition, so as to avoid the occurrence of adverse working conditions such as high temperature of preheater system, blockage of cyclone and discharge pipe caused by small equipment fault during feeding. Whether it's wood or diesel. All the high temperature fan air doors should be closed, and the ignition chimney should be opened appropriately according to the situation to make the kiln head in a micro negative pressure state, so as to prevent excessive wind and not easy to ignite.

During the injection of pulverized coal, the burnout rate of pulverized coal shall be ensured as far as possible, and the coal shall not be injected too much, and coal shall be added slowly; the kiln shall be rotated at intervals of 1 / 4 each time to avoid bending deformation of the cylinder. When the temperature reaches above 700C, the auxiliary transmission continuous rotary kiln shall be used, the high temperature fan shall be started according to the situation, and the opening of air door shall be adjusted appropriately; when the temperature reaches 900C, the main transmission rotary kiln can be used. If the diesel oil is used for ignition, the oil pump should be turned off, but the valve opening can be adjusted appropriately; the fuel supply can be stopped after the material reaches the burning zone after feeding.

The feeding time should be determined according to the kiln tail temperature and preheater outlet temperature of rotary kiln; the initial feeding amount of kiln should be relatively high, generally should not be less than 60% of the design output, and then slowly increase the feeding amount, and the feeding range should be small rather than large, until the normal feeding amount. In addition, the operation time at low feed rate should be shortened as much as possible, because it is easy to cause blockage of preheater system due to material collapse during this period.

Ignition operation is an important prerequisite for the normal use of rotary kiln, so we must master the skills and use it correctly, so as to make the kiln work more smoothly and give full play to the use effect.