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Influence of Air Humidity on Lime Rotary Kiln


Hongke heavy industry experts combined with the customer's response, the lime rotary kiln has different requirements for basic temperature, humidity and so on. The influence of air humidity and oxygen content on lime rotary kiln is introduced in detail.

Temperature and relative humidity are related to electrical design. Only the system design based on the local conditions suitable for users, mainly temperature and relative humidity, can make the system work normally and operate effectively for a long time.

In addition, the seismic fortification intensity, wind direction, wind speed, wind pressure, rainfall, snowfall and snow pressure should be considered. If these conditions are fully considered and designed in strict accordance with the specifications, the structural rigidity and stability of the lime kiln and the ability to resist natural disasters will be strong. Otherwise, it is likely that the lime kiln built with a large amount of money will not be used to the expected operation life, resulting in huge losses.

The operation of lime rotary kiln in the air will increase the amount of fuel required, which will continue to form and increase near the tail gas chamber and exhaust pipe of the rotary kiln, and uncontrolled secondary combustion or even explosion may occur, which will have a harmful impact on the calcination process of the rotary kiln.

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