Installation Method of High Quality High Temperature Kiln

时间:2020-03-31 作者 :adminhk

In order to simplify and speed up the kiln construction and improve the integrity of the furnace lining, a new type of high-temperature kiln lining products instead of the traditional heavy refractory materials was introduced, which promoted the progress of the masonry technology of the kiln. Its installation requirements are generally as follows:

1. First install the top module of the high temperature kiln, and then install the furnace wall;

2. The position of nail welding should be accurate and the error should be strictly controlled;

3. First, the back lining of high temperature kiln is installed, and then the fiber module is constructed;

4. The module should be installed from the bottom to the top;

5. The compensation blanket should be compressed at the joint between the top and the wall and between the wall and the wall;

6. High temperature kiln modules are arranged in the same direction, and the compensation blanket should be compressed and laid according to the requirements after installing a row of modules.

The correct and reasonable installation method can not only help you to improve the installation speed, but also improve the installation quality of the equipment. Therefore, we should understand these installation requirements!