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Introduction to Structure and Function of Chemical Rotary Kiln


The working principle of chemical rotary kiln is that we transfer materials to the kiln body through bucket elevator and other conveying equipment, and carry out certain inversion and calcination process. However, in this process, it must be carried out at a constant speed in order to achieve the purpose of our calcination. In order to let you better understand the equipment, the following will give you to its structure and function are introduced.

1. The support device of the equipment adopts advanced spindle structure, with automatic temperature measurement and electric heating device, and flow support for different selection;

2. The block wheel device of chemical rotary kiln is divided into mechanical wheel and hydraulic thrust block wheel. The hydraulic block wheel device is equipped with advanced hydraulic control system;

3. Its transmission device is equipped with single drive or double drive. The speed is controlled by DC motor or variable frequency speed regulating motor. The operation is very reliable, energy saving and high efficiency;

4. The sealing device of chemical rotary kiln is designed according to different kiln types, and there are many sealing forms to choose from. Such as cylinder and spring compression face seal, heavy hammer graphite block seal and spring graphite block seal, axial labyrinth seal, fish scale labyrinth seal and the above-mentioned combination seal, etc., its characteristics are stronger adaptability to barrel movement and swing, and better sealing effect.

The structure of chemical rotary kiln is mainly composed of supporting device, blocking wheel device, transmission device and sealing device. Each structure has its own significance and function. The operation of rotary kiln cannot be separated from any part of the structure. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the maintenance in peacetime to promote the better operation of the device.

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