Key Points for Safe Operation of Rotary Kiln

时间:2015-11-26 作者 :adminhk

When we operate the rotary kiln, we should pay attention to some potential hazards. Reasonable operation can avoid the occurrence of equipment accidents, extend the service life of the equipment, and improve the work efficiency and stability. Relevant staff can refer to the following safety operation points.

1. Strictly abide by the operation rules of equipment process technology and strictly control the process technical parameters.

2. Hang high temperature warning signs, do not touch high temperature parts to prevent scalding.

3. It is strictly forbidden to stop the kiln for drying, so as to avoid the serious accident of "thermal bending" collapse caused by the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the cylinder.

4. Before start-up, add lubricating oil to the bearing, reducer and roller, and check whether the fasteners are loose and whether there are obstacles in the running parts.

5. In the vicinity of rotating parts, it is not allowed to bind the cloth to the hands or fingers to wipe the surface of the machine, and pay attention not to wrap the wiping material on the rotating parts, especially on the supporting wheel.

6. Always pay attention to the current fluctuation of rotary kiln motor. If the fluctuation range is large, the cause should be found out on site.

7. During inspection through the observation hole, the fire mask and leather gloves shall be used, and direct observation is not allowed; when the observation hole is not used, the inspection hole shall be closed. Non staff should evacuate from the kiln head platform to prevent the hot flue gas from spraying out to hurt people.

8. During operation, hands or other things shall not be used to probe into the bearing, reducer or gear cover for any repair, inspection or cleaning, and the safety protection facilities shall not be removed.

9. Often check whether the contact and wear of roller, supporting wheel and stop wheel is uniform, whether there is excessive force and pitting surface. Every 4 hours, carefully check the sound of the reducer to see if there is noise and noise. Regularly check the tooth profile of the sprocket, the wear degree of the roller edge and the upper and lower rails. If the wear is serious, the new parts should be replaced.

10. Stable control of rotary kiln speed: stable feed rate and stable kiln speed are very important.

11. The feeding operation of the feeder should be even, and the big ups and downs should be strictly prevented.

To achieve the above several points of attention, we need to patiently and carefully operate the rotary kiln, do not feel indifferent so as not to pay attention to it, and pay great attention to the operation. In addition, new users should be guided by professional technicians to master various functions of the equipment to ensure work safety.