Layered combustion characteristics and ignition inspection items of chain furnace in slime dryer

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Today, we will analyze the layered combustion characteristics and ignition inspection items of slime dryer chain furnace

Coal slime dryer chain grate furnace adopts layered combustion, which is characterized by that the whole combustion process of fuel is mainly carried out on the grate. The solid fuel falls on the grate from the coal hopper, and then moves from front to back along with the grate. Air passes through the coal seam from the bottom up. The ignition heat source of the fuel comes from the hot flue gas in the furnace and the thermal radiation of the furnace wall. The fuel surface is first heated and burned, and then the heat is transferred downward until all the coal on the grate is burned out. The flue gas of combustion products moves upward. The fuel is burnt out in the middle and rear part of the grate, and the ash is discharged into the cold ash hopper. The advantages of this combustion mode are that the fuel layer can maintain a considerable amount of heat, combustion is relatively stable, and it is not easy to extinguish the fire. At the same time, the new fuel can fully contact with the ignited fuel and be baked, and the ignition condition is good. The disadvantage of this combustion method is that it can only use solid block fuel, and the air passes through the gap of coal block from the bottom up, so the mixing condition is poor. Therefore, it is suitable for small capacity boilers.

Inspection items before ignition of chain furnace of slime dryer

① Before ignition of hot blast stove, the following inspection must be carried out to check whether the arch slope of furnace wall and fire door in combustion chamber are normal;

② Check whether the blower pipe and damper are smooth and flexible, and whether the running direction is correct. After the inspection, the drum, air duct, regulating valve and other inspection doors shall be closed;

③ Check whether the coupling of blower and induced draft fan is in good condition, whether the anchor bolt is tight, whether the oil level of bearing is normal and whether the lubricating grease is clean;

④ Start the blower and check the operation of fan motor;

⑤ Check whether the grate is complete and clean, and check the lubrication of the grate rotating shaft and reducer


⑥ Check whether the radial gate, coal gate and coal seam thickness indication device in front of grate are in good condition;

⑦ After the inspection, the test run was started, and the grate speed changed from slow to fast until it operated well for one week.

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