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Layout Requirements of Rotary Kiln


The arrangement of any equipment has certain requirements, which is also one of the preconditions for the safe and stable operation of the equipment, as well as for the rotary kiln. So what are the requirements of its layout? In the next article, I will introduce it to you as follows:

1. The center height of rotary kiln should be confirmed according to the type and arrangement of clinker cooler.

2. The layout of foundation pier shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The installation size of rotary kiln should be based on the cold kiln

(2) The horizontal distance between foundation piers shall be determined according to the size after thermal expansion

(3) The calculation of the axial thermal expansion of the kiln shell should be based on the center of the belt with the stop wheel near the transmission device, and expand to both ends

(4) The slope of the foundation surface shall be equal to that of the kiln barrel, and the foundation hole shall be perpendicular to the foundation surface

3. When there are more than two rotary kilns, the center distance between the two kilns shall be determined in accordance with the following principles:

(1) Meet the layout requirements of kiln head and kiln tail equipment

(2) It shall be convenient for equipment operation and maintenance

(3) Combined with the reasonable location of the central control room

When we arrange the rotary kiln, we should consider its height, centrality and other aspects. Only with more comprehensive consideration and attention, can we better arrange the equipment, so as to better operate and give full play to its role. Therefore, the relevant staff must pay attention to this aspect, and hope the above content can help you.

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