Lubrication and Cooling of Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-03 作者 :adminhk

The daily maintenance of zinc oxide rotary kiln is very important. Good maintenance can make the production efficiency of rotary kiln more efficient, prolong the service life of rotary kiln, improve production quality and save economic cost. And the maintenance of lubrication and cooling is the most important, the following I will introduce a few zinc oxide rotary kiln lubrication and cooling common sense.

1、 For lubrication, the first thing to ensure that the oil is sufficient. In the operation of zinc oxide rotary kiln, the oil level must be checked in time. If the oil level is lower than the normal lower limit, it should be supplemented in time. Secondly, the lubricating oil of rotary kiln should not be abused. In the production of zinc oxide rotary kiln, the wear of gears and bearings and oil demand are relatively stable, which determines the oil consumption is relatively stable. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably grasp the oil change date of rotary kiln.

2、 Strengthen the detection of internal water circulation system. Generally, the water circulation system of zinc oxide rotary kiln is equipped with water flow indicator, which can judge the water circulation activity according to the water flow indicator. When stopping the kiln, if the kiln is shut down for a long time or the weather is cold, the circulating water in the kiln should be discharged completely, so as to prevent the deformation of the kiln body caused by the water freezing and expansion. If the circulating water can not be completely discharged during the water discharging, the large air hole of the three vent valve should be opened to drain the water by using the siphon and air tightening principle.

3、 If the oil leakage is found in the normal inspection, whether it is serious or not, it should be handled in time to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage, so as to avoid more production problems caused by oil leakage.