Main Structure of Rotary Kiln

时间:2014-08-18 作者 :admin

Rotary kiln is mainly used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries for mechanical, physical or chemical treatment of materials. So how does it complete the work? We should not only understand its application, but also recognize its main structure.

The main structure of the rotary kiln is composed of seven parts:

1、 Kiln head

The kiln head is the discharging part of the rotary kiln, whose diameter is larger than the diameter of the rotary kiln. It is sealed by stainless steel fish scales and the kiln body. The main components are the maintenance port, coal injection nozzle, trolley, observation hole and other parts.

2、 Kiln body

It is the main body of the kiln, usually 30-150 meters long, cylindrical, with 3-5 rolling rings in the middle. The cylinder is mostly processed into 3-10 sections by the factory and welded after being transported to the destination by large trucks. Among them, the roll ring part is also commonly known as (tire ring) cast from molten steel, and the kiln body of the roll ring part is slightly thicker than the steel plate of other parts of the kiln body due to bearing. The supporting tug is also a part of the kiln body and the rolling ring are connected with the foundation correspondingly, and it is the bearing pillar of the whole rotary kiln. Generally, a group of idlers consists of two idlers and two block wheels. During normal operation, refractory bricks shall be laid inside.

3、 Kiln tail

The end of kiln is also an important part. The shape of the feed end is similar to the cover of a rotary kiln, which is mainly responsible for feeding and sealing.

4、 Supporting frame of rotary kiln

1. The support frame can make the equipment more solid, so that it will not shake when working, and stable production;

2. The support frame is mainly fixed equipment, which can prevent our rotary kiln equipment from deformation when it is used. We all know that if the equipment is operated improperly, it will go out of shape, so it has such a role;

3. The support can facilitate the hoisting and transportation of our rotary kiln equipment.

5、 Preheating tower

It is also called preheater, which is a kind of equipment for preliminary heating of materials by exhaust heat before entering the rotary kiln. It is mostly vertical structure. Its principle is to pass the waste heat discharged from the kiln tail through the preheating tower filled with raw materials to realize the heating process of raw materials. In addition, preheating tower can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve the quality level of finished products.

6、 Cooling machine

The cooler and preheater, on the contrary, are the devices that cool down quickly after the materials of the rotary kiln are burned. They look like a small rotary kiln, but the diameter is smaller and shorter. There is no need to lay refractory bricks, and the inside is replaced by a lifting plate. The main function is to cool down the finished product quickly.

7、 Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt is the material conveying device of rotary kiln. In the process of use, there are many kinds of damages, such as edge delamination, festering, defect and cracking; long-distance longitudinal tearing, deep scratch, hole, large area wear, covering rubber bulge or peeling, defects in joint, etc. Among them, the longitudinal tear is urgent, the edge damage is common, the internal defects of the joint are difficult to avoid, and the service life after repair is more concerned.

Understanding the main structure of rotary kiln can not only better understand it, but also help users better use the equipment. When the equipment failure occurs, it can also help to find out the fault faster, so that the problem can be solved in time.