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Maintenance of Rotary Kiln


Rotary kiln usually refers to rotary calcining kiln (commonly known as rotary kiln), which can be divided into cement kiln, lime kiln and metallurgical chemical kiln according to different materials. It is mainly used in refractory plant (i.e. active lime kiln), active lime and dolomite for ferroalloy plant, roasting iron and steel plant. The process of smelting magnesium by silicothermic method; oxidation roasting of chromite and nickel iron ore; magnetization roasting of lean iron ore in iron and steel plants in metallurgical industry. In the process of rotary kiln operation, parts will wear with the extension of time, which will reduce the reliability of equipment operation, and even affect the output of rotary kiln. Therefore, it is necessary to take the opportunity of maintenance to restore wear.

Rotary Kiln

According to the amount of maintenance, it can be divided into major repair, medium repair and minor repair. According to the use and maintenance of the rotary kiln, each plant needs to divide it into large, medium and small repairs. The focus should be on medium and minor repairs. The maintenance work can be carried out when the kiln is stopped to replace the kiln lining. Only after the transmission device is repaired can it be carried out after the work is finished. But it should be done quickly in a short time (say 8-12 hours).

As for the overhaul, it will take longer time. At this time, it is necessary to check and adjust the whole equipment and replace all the worn parts of the kiln. However, it must be noted that before the planned shutdown of the kiln, in order to reduce the maintenance time. All parts and tools need to be replaced.

Although the kiln shutdown should be reduced as much as possible in the production, it is inevitable that short-term or long-term kiln shutdown inspection and repair work will be necessary sometimes according to the needs. No matter short-term or long-term maintenance, contact with all relevant production posts should be made before kiln shutdown.

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