Maintenances of Dryer Equipments

时间:2022-02-10 作者 :超级管理员

As a drying equipment for drying a large number of materials, the good operation of the equipment can not only ensure the normal production, but also appropriately prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the production cost. Therefore, it is very necessary for the correct operation and maintenance of the equipment.

   regular cleaning, maintenance and servicing of the dryer can help find problems in time, solve potential faults, reduce downtime and ensure normal and stable production.

  necessary maintenance of dryer equipment:

  1. When the operation is completed, first shut down the heating device and stop the operation of gas turbine. When the temperature drops below 100 ℃, stop the operation of forced draft fan and exhaust fan.

  2. Clean up the residual materials in the fuselage, turn off the dust collector, and then turn off the power supply

  3. Whether the links between bearings and sealing parts are firm, and whether the lubricating oil condition of various parts of the dryer and the position of valve port are in the required position.

  4. Power on the dryer equipment and check whether the voltage and instrument are normal.

  5. In case of sudden power failure, turn off the heat source first to cool the machine naturally and clean the equipment.

  6. Turn on the forced draft fan and exhaust fan in turn, and then turn on the thermal switch to start heating up.

  7. Receive materials regularly, check the operation of each system regularly and make relevant records.

  maintenance, maintenance and correct operation methods are the basic requirements for the operation of the machinery industry, as well as the basic requirements for equipment maintenance. We always believe that the dryer can always glow and create more wealth for the enterprise only by doing well in the maintenance of the equipment.