Manual of Rotary Kiln Installation Specifications

时间:2022-03-22 作者 :超级管理员

The purchase of rotary kiln must be purchased from a regular manufacturer. Regular manufacturers generally provide free installation or guide installation, which is also quite time-saving and labor-saving for customers.

The installation of the rotary kiln must be operated in a standardized way to avoid the failure to put into production in time due to the installation and affect the construction period. Below, Hongke Heavy Industry will introduce some matters needing attention in the installation of the rotary kiln.

1. According to the structural form of the steel base and the position of the anchor bolts, place the horn, and the foundation should be shoveled and pitted and cleaned. The surface of the steel flat horn should be flat, and no burrs and unevenness are allowed. The rust should be cleaned before placing.

2. During the installation process, pay attention to preparing cranes, trucks, welding equipment, special wiring personnel, staff, assemblers, and technical guidance. To ensure the smooth and orderly completion of the rotary kiln equipment during the installation process. In order to install into a good production line, make adequate preparations.

3. Before installing the steel base, first clean it, draw the vertical and horizontal center lines, pay attention to the position of the steel base with the retaining wheel installed, and then draw the vertical and horizontal center lines of the supporting roller seat according to the vertical and horizontal center lines of the steel base. , horizontal center line, and mark with sample punch.

4. During the installation process, pay attention to the assembly and installation in strict accordance with the manufacturer's installation manual. Don't rush to install the equipment for the sake of quickness. In this case, it is easy to cause some minor problems in the later stage, which will affect the normal production. After all, the manufacturer's operation manuals are written based on long-term technical accumulation. Has a high reference value.

rotary kiln

The above are some precautions about the installation of rotary kiln equipment, which are only for the user's reference, and hope to be of some help to the user.