Matters Needing Attention for Barrel Butt Joint of Rotary Kiln

时间:2015-12-10 作者 :adminhk

The premise of the normal operation of the rotary kiln must be installed in place. In the installation of the equipment, the butt joint of the cylinder is an important step, which affects the next operation of the kiln. Therefore, in order to make the kiln run better, I'd like to share with you some matters needing attention during the docking of the barrel of this equipment

1. Before docking, the new and old cylinders should be rounded, and the "meter" support or inner support ring should be added to ensure the butt joint quality, and the inner welding stress of the rotary kiln cylinder should be reduced.

2. When the cylinder is butted, the gap between the circumferential seams shall be greater than 300 mm. The two longitudinal joints shall be staggered by more than 500mm, and it is forbidden to butt out the "cross" weld.

3. Before replacing the shell of rotary kiln, the position of stopping kiln should be scientific, which can restrain the development of deformation of rotary kiln or correct the deformation. Moreover, the support of the reserved cylinder should be reasonable, otherwise the fixed cylinder will be offset horizontally or vertically, and it is not easy to align when docking.

4. When marking the trimming line and cutting line of the cylinder body with the needle plate, the base of the needle plate should be inclined at the same angle with the kiln body, so that the cutting line drawn is a resistant section, otherwise, the section is an elliptical surface, which increases the difficulty of cylinder butt joint and affects the butt joint quality of the cylinder. After the needle plate is fixed properly, the cylinder body is turned by the auxiliary motor for the body connection item, and the trimming line and cutting line are drawn on the outside of the cylinder body with the scriber.

The above are some precautions for early docking of rotary kiln cylinder. During docking, not only accurate operation but also installation safety should be paid attention to to to avoid accidents. Therefore, the operation during docking is very important. In addition, after putting into use, it is necessary to ensure regular maintenance of the equipment, so as to make the equipment better production.