Noise Reduction Method of Lime Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-07-01 作者 :adminhk

With the development of industry, the use of lime rotary kiln is increasing. With the large amount of lime rotary kiln put into production, there are more and more problems. Customers have to consider the impact of these problems. The following content mainly introduces the problems in noise reduction treatment of lime rotary kiln. For details of equipment, please contact us.

In the whole lime rotary kiln production line, the equipment may produce noise. The noise generated by one machine may be very small, but the total noise of these machines together will have a great impact. In the factory, the noise will certainly be greater. Therefore, in order to ensure that the lime rotary kiln staff are less affected by the noise, it is necessary to properly deal with these noises. The following content mainly describes the noise treatment of the dust removal system of the lime rotary kiln. The fan is the main noise source in the dust removal system of lime rotary kiln, which is particularly important for the sound insulation of the fan body. The method is to attach sound absorption materials such as glass wool board and slag cotton board on the fan shell, and install galvanized steel plate on the surface of the fan. When the fan is arranged in the machine room, indoor sound absorption measures shall be taken to reduce the noise of the machine room. Because the noise in the machine room is mainly low frequency, low frequency sound absorption materials should be selected, such as gypsum perforated board, perlite sound absorption board, glass wool board, etc. In addition, the machine room wall and floor have sound insulation effect, but it is not advisable to increase the sound insulation by increasing the wall thickness. The more effective method is to add air layer in the wall floor and place sound absorption materials in the air layer, so the sound insulation effect is better. The above methods can solve the noise problem of lime rotary kiln through sound insulation and sound absorption. In actual production, if conditions permit, the noise problem of lime rotary kiln can be effectively solved by selecting the fan set with low noise of dust removal system.

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