Precautions for Ignition Process of Rotary Kiln

时间:2015-08-12 作者 :adminhk

There are often some small details in the ignition process of rotary kiln, which requires us to pay more attention to these problems. In the production process, we have to operate according to the following requirements to complete the ignition. Let's have a look together:

1. Too early coal feeding (or too much coal feeding): the coal powder is not easy to burn, even if the coal quantity is not large, the chimney also emits black smoke, the fire color is more and more dark, and even no fire can be seen, at this time, the coal quantity shall be reduced or the coal feeding shall be suspended, and after the temperature is burned, a proper amount of coal shall be sent to the kiln.

2. Exhaust air is too large: the flame is quickly pulled to the rear, the bright part is dark instead, the cooling tube is almost smoke-free, and the flame is fierce when stretching and shrinking. At this time, the ram of exhaust fan shall be closed to reduce air pulling and stabilize the flame.

3. Exhaust air is too small: the kiln is dark, and the space from firewood to the kiln entrance is full of gas. A large amount of dense ash smoke containing carbon monoxide is ejected from the gap between the cooling drum and the kiln door, which is choking or poisoning. It is difficult to observe in the kiln. At this time, the vent ram should be opened to increase the air pulling and restore the clear condition in the kiln.

4. The primary air is too large: the flame swings and swirls. In the case of a certain amount of pulverized coal, the hair of the black fire is yellow. At this time, the primary air volume should be reduced.

5. The primary air is too small: after the pulverized coal is ejected, the coal particles fall down, and the flame is soft and weak. At this time, the primary air volume should be increased.

Through the contents explained in this paper, you can generally understand the precautions for the ignition process of rotary kiln and the avoidance methods to avoid several problems mentioned in this paper. I hope that the contents explained in this paper will be helpful to you and pay attention to these problems in the use of equipment in the future.