Precautions for Installation of Supporting Wheel Group of Rotary Kiln

时间:2015-08-28 作者 :adminhk

In the installation process of any product, there are certain precautions, because it is related to the quality and efficiency of our production products, so is the rotary kiln, but its core is the tugboat group, so we must pay special attention to it in the installation process. This paper introduces the precautions for the installation of the tugboat group of the rotary kiln.

1、 Check the fit of the supporting axle journal and the sliding bearing bush.

1. The contact angle between bearing bush and journal is not less than 90 °; the contact point is 2-3 points / cm2;

2. The side clearance is 0.003d (D is the diameter of the supporting axle journal).

3. 1-2 points / cm2 of the contact point between the spherical bearing back and the spherical surface of the bearing seat.

If the above requirements cannot be met, the scraping shall be carried out again.

2、 Location of roller set

1. The position of the supporting wheel group shall be aligned with the longitudinal and transverse center lines of the base. The distance between the longitudinal center line of two supporting rollers in the supporting roller group and the longitudinal center line of the base shall be equal, and the error shall not exceed 0.5mm; the transverse center line of the supporting roller shall coincide with the transverse center line of the base, and the error shall not exceed 0.5mm, and the axial clearance C at both ends of the supporting roller shall be equal.

Through the above, we have learned the installation precautions of the roller set, and can pay special attention to the above contents in the later installation process, so as to create higher benefits for the manufacturers.