Process Advantages of Bauxite Rotary Kiln

时间:2022-03-19 作者 :超级管理员

At present, the manufacturers of bauxite rotary kilns in the market are mostly located in the Central Plains and other places, which may easily lead to some unqualified manufacturers who do not have the relevant qualifications. It is difficult to select customers for uneven bauxite rotary kiln equipment. Therefore, under the condition of consistent model performance and other conditions, the price of good quality is relatively high.

The kiln head discharge cooling of the bauxite rotary kiln equipment produced by Hongke Machinery adopts a vertical cooler to replace the original cooling cylinder, which avoids the loss of sensible heat of the material. The hot material falling from the kiln head is cooled by exchanging heat with the blown secondary air, and the air absorbs heat and then enters the rotary kiln to support combustion; a vertical preheater is installed at the kiln end to make the The waste heat of the flue gas is directly transferred to the material, and the temperature of the flue gas can be lowered to below 235 °C, which effectively recovers the heat taken away by the exhaust emission, and also reduces the negative impact on subsequent dust removal.

Bauxite rotary kiln is divided into primary air and secondary air by means of combustion air. The primary air is directly involved in the combustion, and the secondary air is the cooling air. Primary air and secondary air are supplied by separate fans. In this design, the temperature of the secondary air can be raised to above 600°C, which is used as combustion-supporting air, which provides favorable conditions for saving fuel; and the combustion system is used to supply heat to the rotary kiln. In addition to using pulverized coal as fuel, low calorific value gas (such as producer gas, calcium carbide tail gas, semi-coke gas) can also be used alone as calcining fuel, or multiple fuels can be used simultaneously. The calcination temperature can be adjusted by adjusting the air and gas flow.

What are the advantages of bauxite rotary kiln equipment?

1. The structure design of the bauxite rotary kiln equipment is very novel, so it runs very stably during the working process, and the noise is very low. It belongs to the calcining equipment with low energy consumption and good environmental protection at this stage.

2. The production capacity of the bauxite rotary kiln is about 5 times that of the traditional one. High-yield equipment can create more economic benefits for users. Such equipment is more likely to be favored by users, so its comprehensive sales volume is very high.

3. The bauxite rotary kiln can effectively filter out the impurities in the bauxite mineral material, so after the equipment is processed, its purity is very high, so the calcination precision of this equipment cannot be compared with other equipment.

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