Production of Cement Clinker in Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-24 作者 :adminhk

The consumption of cement clinker in rotary kiln has a long history. Transition and sintering technology is used to analyze the characteristics and microstructure of basic refractory materials. Low shrinkage, corrosion resistance information is introduced to improve microstructure.

Under the condition of huge cement demand, the operation of magnesia chrome brick in cement kiln mainly relies on the rapid development of China's economy, and environmental pollution has sounded the alarm again. It is necessary to use chrome alkaline brick in cement kiln, so that people can have a better understanding of chrome basic refractory materials. The key to control the development of microstructure is the basic refractory materials. The properties of magnesia dolomite refractories and the main body of temperature and alkalinity data in cement kilns will reflect the magnesia spinel bricks, which is another characteristic of the development of these refractories with significant reduction of thermal shrinkage and thermal conductivity. Using single clothing material installation, the heat conductivity is low, the direct heat loss is less, and the low shrinkage thermal stress of lining is greatly reduced.

The refractory data of cement kiln use the movement without chromium, all kinds of secondary phase data with low shrinkage and excellent corrosion resistance to join the magnesia dolomite brick and significantly improve the performance. The cement clinker has good adhesion. Basic refractory materials play a key role in reducing cost.