Quality Inspection Method of Electric Dust Collector for Cement Rotary Kiln

时间:2018-05-17 作者 :adminhk

We know that the cement rotary kiln electric dust collector is a more important equipment in the cement rotary kiln. This article, Henan Hongke, will give you a detailed introduction on how to detect the quality of the cement rotary kiln dust collector?

Rotary Kiln

  The following is how to check the quality of the cement rotary kiln electric dust collector:

Install the corona pole and the precipitation pole alternately from the two parts of the electrostatic precipitator of the cement rotary kiln equipment. The distance deviation between the frame and the precipitation pole of each row of corona pole is less than ±5mm, and the distance deviation between each group of pole plates is less than 10mm.

   The surface of the precipitation plate should be curved, uneven, and less than 2mm/m, and the upper and lower axis distortion should be less than 10mm.

Cement rotary kiln system electric precipitator electric field power supply record the electric field volt-ampere value, observe the discharge situation from the inlet and outlet or under the ash hopper, if the voltage can rise to 61KV, the voltage of the electric field is qualified, otherwise the breakdown location is noted And make appropriate adjustments.

  Each electric field impact rod drill plate should be on the same horizontal line, and its horizontal deviation is less than ±3mm.

  Precautionary pole flexible arm outward hammer mechanism should pay attention to the direction when disassembling, do not install the reverse, when the hammer head vibrates the drill plate, it should hit the center line of the drill plate about 4mm.

  Measure the ground resistance value of the rotary kiln electric dust collector at least once every spring, its value is less than 4Ω.

  CO analyzers are inspected no less than twice a year to ensure that the analytical instruments are sensitive and reliable.

   All connecting bolts of the corona electrode, the precipitation electrode and the rapping device are welded to death without sharp burrs.

   Rotary kiln system dust collector double-plate valve switch should be flexible and sealed.

   The axis of the first round of the zipper is perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline of the zipper.