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Reasons for Slow Temperature Rise of Rotary Kiln or Failure to Reach Maximum Working Temperature


There are many kinds of high-temperature kilns with superior performance and wide application range. Today, I will introduce a kind of high-temperature electric kiln. It will have the following faults when it is in use, but there is no need to worry about the solutions. I will also share them with you:

The reasons for slow temperature rise or failure to reach the maximum working temperature are as follows

1. The grid voltage is too low;

2. The unbalance value of three-phase current is more than 20%; the resistance of three groups of electric heating elements is measured to see if they are consistent;

3. Open circuit or phase failure of electric heating element; check the fault point of electric heating element;

4. The resistance value of the electric heating element does not meet the requirements; whether the limit value of the three groups of electric heating element is within the allowable range is measured;

5. The power of the electric heating element is reduced, and the electric heating element is replaced;

6. The electric heating element has short circuit phenomenon;

7. The results show that the furnace charging is too much and the charging quantity is reduced;

8. The results show that the performance of heat insulation screen or furnace lining is poor, and the heat dissipation is too large; the heat insulation layer is replaced or the heat dissipation is reduced, such as the cooling water flow is the maximum;

9. The connection method of electric heating element is wrong;

10. The output voltage of furnace transformer is low;

11. The output power of power regulator is too small;

12. Temperature control device failure, troubleshooting control device.

High temperature kiln in the use of the process will appear fault, as long as we strengthen the maintenance of high-temperature kiln and maintenance can greatly reduce the occurrence of failure, but also can improve the work efficiency of high-temperature kiln!

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