Rotary Kiln Heating Standard

时间:2015-10-07 作者 :adminhk

The rotary kiln has very high requirements for temperature. In the actual operation process, its heating process is relatively difficult to control. It also shows from the side that the heating standard is difficult to control, but the heating standard is generally determined according to the heating curve, see the introduction below for details .

   Generally speaking, the heating curve is mainly determined according to the refractory materials built in the rotary kiln. For example, at 150 ℃ is the process of removing gravity water in the refractory, 300 ℃ is the removal of crystallization water, and so on.

   And the determination of the heating curve depends on the type of refractory material you use, the type is different, the curve is also different, the general refractory manufacturers will provide the heating curve. 5000t and 2500t are mainly due to different heating time, and the heating nodes are about the same.

  Through the introduction above, we understand that the temperature rise standard of rotary kiln is affected by many factors, but a few solutions to these factors can achieve the desired effect.