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Rotary Kiln Needs All Levels of Cyclones and Gas Pipelines to Be Unobstructed


The dust discharge valve of the rotary kiln works flexibly. The dust discharge valve in the rotary kiln is equipped with a dust discharge valve to reduce the heat transfer power. Proper equipment orientation is also important for dust removal valves. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the kiln system, the inspection of each system is related to the conditions of high production and low consumption.

The counterweight of the ash discharge valve is necessary to be suitable and flexible, and the time is in the condition of quietly shivering. If the counterweight is large, it is easy to change when there is more material and not change when there is less material, which will result in unstable cutting and poor loose condition, and serious short circuit appearance; if the counterweight is light, it will not play a role of air lock, resulting in lax closing, internal air leakage, and then material collapse of the system. When adjusting, press the valve stem to the position of * * (i.e. close) and then release the hand. The ash discharge valve will automatically return to a certain interval, and then return to the position of * *. At this time, the counterweight of the ash discharge valve is more appropriate. A dust discharge valve (also known as air lock valve) is set in the middle of the discharge pipe of each cyclone. Its function is to evenly spread the materials collected by the upper cyclone into the pipe of the lower cyclone, so as to avoid the short circuit of air flow from the discharge pipe and reduce the heat transfer power.

The cyclone plays a separate role in the process of rotary kiln. There are some differences between cyclone kiln and ordinary rotary kiln. The cross-section wind speed in the cylinder is controlled between 3.5-4 M / s. The first stage cyclone is two side-by-side, and the cross-section wind speed does not exceed 3.5 m / S (the power demand of stage 1 is high). Foreign materials have introduced that the cross-section wind speed of cyclone is controlled at 2-3 M / s, and the respective power can reach 80-85%. There are differences from the following aspects: the same as the ordinary kiln, the inspection of the whole system equipment should be stopped, and the commissioning work of the system equipment should be stopped. During the inspection of cyclone preheater system equipment, it is required that all levels of cyclones and gas pipelines are unobstructed, the ash skin in the vertical flue of kiln tail needs to be cleaned up, and the refractory materials in all cyclone tubes and all pipelines are in good condition.

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