Rotary Kiln for Soil Remediation 100 TPD

时间:2022-03-21 作者 :超级管理员

With the more and more use of agricultural fertilizers, there are still some unregulated enterprises that dispose of them randomly, causing the problem of soil pollution to become increasingly prominent. Among them, soil compaction is one of the problems to be solved urgently. Soil remediation rotary kilns came into being. The remediation rotary kiln is handy for the remediation of polluted soil.

Soil remediation rotary kiln is a kiln-type thermal desorption and incineration integrated organic contaminated soil remediation system, including soil pretreatment system, feeding system, thermal desorption system and exhaust gas treatment system. The contaminated soil pretreatment system communicates with the soil through the feeding system. The solid feed port of the remediation rotary kiln type thermal desorption system is connected; the gas discharge port of the soil remediation rotary kiln type thermal desorption thermal desorption system is connected to the inlet of the tail gas treatment system through a pipeline.

Soil remediation rotary kiln organic contaminated soil treatment sequence and process: site division - ground demolition - soil excavation - transfer and temporary storage - screening, crushing pretreatment - heating pretreatment - thermal desorption equipment - feeding system - indirect thermal desorption Attached disposal - soil and dust discharge - temporary storage for inspection - acceptance - backfilling, site leveling.

Soil remediation rotary kiln and supporting systems mainly include preheater, rotary soil remediation rotary kiln, kiln tail high temperature fan, tertiary air duct, soil remediation rotary kiln burner, grate cooler, kiln head bag dust collector, screw conveyor machine, trough conveyor. The monitoring system mainly includes on-line monitoring of oxygen, dust, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, moisture, temperature and regular monitoring of soil remediation rotary kiln exhaust and cement clinker to ensure the effect of contaminated soil treatment and production safety.

The soil remediation rotary kiln tail gas emission is monitored online, and the dust removal device fully meets the emission standards. The feeding system of the soil remediation rotary kiln mainly includes a storage hopper, a plate feeder, a belt weighing scale, and a hoist. The entire feeding process of the soil remediation rotary kiln is in a closed environment to prevent pollutants and dust from being released into the air during the feeding process. , causing secondary pollution.

Soil remediation rotary kiln can not only be used in environmental protection, but also widely used in chemical, metallurgy and building materials industries.