Safety Operation Rules for Multifunctional Soil Remediation Rotary Kiln

时间:2022-02-11 作者 :超级管理员

Soil remediation is a technical measure to restore the normal function of contaminated soil. In the soil remediation industry, there are more than 100 kinds of soil remediation technologies. Since the 1980s, many countries in the world, especially developed countries, have formulated and carried out contaminated soil treatment and remediation plans, so a new soil remediation industry has also been formed.

Multifunctional soil remediation rotary kiln mainly includes preheater, multifunctional soil remediation rotary kiln, multifunctional soil remediation rotary kiln, kiln tail high-temperature fan tertiary air duct, multifunctional soil remediation rotary kiln burner, grate cooler, kiln head bag dust collector, screw conveyor and trough conveyor. The national on-line monitoring of tail gas emission and the dust removal device fully meet the national emission standards.

Safety operation procedures for multifunctional soil remediation rotary kiln:

1. Pre treat the polluted soil after excavation in a closed environment (remove bricks, cement blocks and other large particles that affect the working conditions of industrial kilns); Detect the polluted soil, determine the composition and pollutant content of the polluted soil, and calculate the addition amount of the polluted soil.

2. The contaminated soil shall be transported to the feeding hopper by special transport vehicle. In order to avoid secondary pollution caused by dust during unloading, the unloading area shall be sealed; The measured contaminated soil enters the feeding point through the pipeline through the elevator and is sent to the high-temperature section of the flue gas chamber at the kiln tail for disposal; Regularly monitor the pollutant concentration at the flue gas outlet of multifunctional soil remediation rotary kiln and the pollutant content in cement clinker.