Sand Dryer is Also Known As Three-layer Drum Dryer, Three Return Drum Dryer

时间:2020-09-14 作者 :adminhk

Sand dryer, also known as three-layer drum dryer and three-way drum dryer, is developed on the basis of single drum dryer. It is a better choice for drying materials with good fluidity in industry. According to the final moisture requirements of different industries, the moisture content of dried materials can reach below 0.5-1%. At present, the technology of our company's three cylinder dryer is mature. After the inspection of river sand, river sand, sea sand, yellow sand, emery, pomegranate sand, quartz sand, casting sand, slag and other materials, the effect is very ideal.

River sand dryer production line composition: heat source system, feeding system, conveyor belt, feed chute, drying equipment, discharge belt, vibration grading screen, dust removal system, induced draft fan, electric control system and other equipment.
Sand dryer

Sand is sent to the hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then enters the feeding end through feeding pipe through the feeder of hopper. The slope of the feeding pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of the material, so that the material can flow into the sand dryer (yellow sand dryer). The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder slightly inclined to the horizontal line. When the material is added from the higher end, the heat carrier enters from the low end and contacts with the material countercurrent, and some heat carrier and material flow into the cylinder together. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material moves to the lower end under the action of gravity. When the wet material moves forward in the cylinder, the heat is directly or indirectly obtained from the heat carrier, so that the wet material can be dried and sent out through the belt conveyor or screw conveyor from the discharge end.

A lifting plate is installed on the inner wall of the sand dryer (yellow sand dryer). Its function is to copy and scatter the materials, so as to increase the contact surface between the material and the air flow, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material to move forward. Heat carrier is generally divided into hot air, flue gas and so on. After the heat carrier passes through the dryer, the cyclone dust collector is generally needed to capture the materials carried in the gas. If it is necessary to further reduce the dust content of tail gas, it should be discharged after passing through bag filter or wet dust collector.

Nine advantages of high quality recommendation

1. The sand dryer is made of alloy steel plate, which is 3-4 times more wear-resistant than ordinary steel plate, and its service life is more than 10 years.

2. The initial moisture content of material is 15% and the final moisture content is less than 0.5-1%. It is the best choice for cement plant, slag powder and dry mixed mortar production line.

3. The thermal efficiency of the sand dryer is as high as 80%, and the total power is low. The energy saving effect is obvious.

4. The fuel can adapt to coal, oil and gas, and can dry the lump material, granular material and powder material below 20-40mm.

5. Compared with the single drum dryer, the sand dryer reduces the floor area by about 40% and the civil engineering investment by about 50%.

6. There is no air leakage, which solves the sealing difficulties. The modular unit is easy to install.

7. When the discharge temperature is less than 50 ℃, it can be directly fed into the storage without cooling.

8. The temperature of outer cylinder is less than 60 ℃, the temperature of waste gas is less than 120 ℃, and the use time of bag of dust removal equipment is more than 2 times longer.

9. The coal consumption is 1 / 3 of that of single drum dryer, and the power saving is 40%, and the standard coal consumption per ton is less than 18 kg