Selection and Effect of Burner for Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln

时间:2021-12-06 作者 :超级管理员

The burner of zinc oxide rotary kiln is one of the important factors affecting the calcination quality of materials. Therefore, experts of Goode machinery strive to study how to work hard on the burner of zinc oxide rotary kiln and select efficient and appropriate zinc oxide rotary kiln burner to provide guarantee for the normal calcination of materials. Therefore, in the process of calcining materials in zinc oxide rotary kiln, the selection of fuel is a very important thing, because it is not only related to the production cost, but also related to the selection of the most suitable burner. When coal is used as the calcination fuel of zinc oxide rotary kiln, generally, manufacturers will choose coal with relatively low price in order to reduce the production cost as much as possible. This is understandable, but customers and friends should pay attention to studying the characteristics of these low-cost coals at this time, so as to configure appropriate burners for zinc oxide rotary kiln.

Coal with low price is generally not very good in terms of coal quality. Generally, judging the coal combustion effect in industry needs to start from two aspects: Coal burnout time and burnout degree. What is the burnout time of coal: the burnout time of pulverized coal refers to the time from the beginning of pulverized coal combustion to the complete burnout of coke particles; What is the burnout degree of coal: the burnout degree of pulverized coal refers to the mass fraction of the combustibles in the pulverized coal in the total combustible components. Only by understanding these, can we find a more suitable zinc oxide rotary kiln burner and calcine high-quality zinc oxide rotary kiln products. In addition, customers and friends need to understand that in the process of pulverized coal combustion, it takes a long time to burn out, and there are many factors.

It mainly includes:

① Type and quality of coal and carbon activity;

② Reaction temperature between environment and zinc oxide rotary kiln;

③ Partial pressure raised in the combustion medium;

④ Dispersion of pulverized coal;

⑤ The rate of volatilization and fission and the formation of carbon black;

⑥ Porosity of coke particles (compactness or actual reaction area);

⑦ Turbulence intensity in gas-solid mixing and diffusion.

By understanding the combustion characteristics of pulverized coal, the staff can better operate and play the role of burner. It is also very important for the staff to have rich experience, so that the application of pulverized coal and burner can reach the level of integration, and create more value for the enterprise.