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Several Factors Affecting Heat Consumption of Clinker in Lime Rotary Kiln


Henan Hongke has been committed to independent research and development of lime rotary kiln technology for many years. It has mastered advanced production technology and perfect production concept, representing the development direction of domestic lime rotary kiln advanced technology. The lime rotary kiln produced by the company has the advantages of high yield, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. In the actual production, the reaction and change of materials in the process of calcining clinker are accompanied by huge heat loss. The following is the Hongke experts to summarize for you several factors affecting the heat consumption of lime rotary kiln clinker:

1. Different production methods of lime rotary kiln. In general, the heat consumption of wet process is not the same.

2. Waste heat loss of waste gas from lime rotary kiln. Because the clinker is accompanied by a large amount of heat loss during cooling, the waste heat can be recycled. What has been realized is that it can be used as combustion supporting air and waste heat power generation, so as to effectively improve the heat transfer efficiency and reduce the loss of heat energy.

3. The properties of raw meal of lime rotary kiln are discussed. Because the raw meal with fine particles is easy to burn in the lime rotary kiln, the heat consumption will be greatly reduced.

4. The incomplete combustion of fuel in lime rotary kiln leads to the increase of heat consumption. In the normal operation process of lime rotary kiln equipment, there are many factors that cause incomplete combustion of fuel, so the occurrence of this situation will consume a lot of heat, so the heat consumption of clinker also increases correspondingly.

5. Heat dissipation factor of lime rotary kiln. Generally, the better the insulation effect of kiln lining is, the less heat consumption will be. According to the above summary, heat consumption is inevitable in the normal operation of lime rotary kiln, which not only affects its efficient production, but also violates the production concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, reducing the heat consumption of lime rotary kiln has become the common responsibility of everyone. For more knowledge about heat consumption of lime rotary kiln, please call Hongke experts.

Henan Hongke always adheres to the original intention of considering for customers, strives to develop advanced technology of lime rotary kiln, provides reliable lime rotary kiln equipment for customers, makes it return customers with the lowest cost and the highest output, and creates maximum economic value for users. In the future development of the company, we will win the support of customers and friends with credibility. Welcome to visit our company and order products.

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