Standard for Wear Replacement of Main Accessories of Rotary Kiln

时间:2017-05-06 作者 :adminhk

After the main accessories of rotary kiln are used for a period of time, how many wear problems will appear in the main accessories. When it is serious, it is necessary to repair or replace new accessories. How much wear can be considered as the standard of repair and replacement?

The main parts need to be replaced or repaired when they are worn to the following extent or have the following defects:

(1) When the tooth thickness of transmission gear is worn by 30% or 0.5 modulus, or the rim has irrecoverable damage, it needs to be replaced and repaired.

(2) When there are cracks or local deformation in the shell section of rotary kiln, it should be repaired and replaced.

(3) It is found that 20% of the cross-section of the tyre is worn, or the surface is worn into a cone or polygon, and there are some through cracks, it needs to be replaced.

(4) When the thickness of the rim between the supporting wheel and the stop wheel is removed by 20%, or the surface of the supporting wheel is grinded into a cone, polygon or other abnormal shape, or there are through cracks on the rim of the supporting wheel and the stop wheel, it must be replaced or repaired. When replacing the supporting wheel, if the shaft is also replaced, the corresponding liner must be scraped and grinded again.

(5) When the thickness of the fixed friction ring of the sealing device at the end of the rotary kiln is worn by 2 / 3, it must be replaced.

The main parts and components of rotary kiln must be well maintained in normal use. At the same time, regular maintenance should be done. In case of abrasion or problems, timely replacement or repair should be carried out to avoid affecting the normal operation of the kiln.