Stress Analysis of Impeller of Ceramsite Sand Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-22 作者 :adminhk

The supporting equipment of ceramic sand rotary kiln is composed of supporting wheel, supporting axle and bearing. The bearing wheel equipment orientation of ceramsite sand rotary kiln. This kind of equipment can ensure the stability of the cylinder body without moving to both ends, and will not be squeezed by the supporting wheel. The supporting wheel axle is parallel to the middle line of the rotary kiln, which can ensure the average contact between the tyre and the surface of the supporting wheel.

The force condition of the impeller in the operation of ceramsite rotary kiln. The impeller is also the existence of moving blade in the operation process of ceramsite rotary kiln. It is also the primary planning of impulse turbine rotor. The pressure always increases with the increase of the radius. At the impeller outlet, the static pressure is in the state of * *, and the pressure on the suction surface is significantly lower than that on the pressure surface, which is in response to the cavitation in the process of the practice operation of the centrifugal pump of the ceramsite rotary kiln. Therefore, we should better control the centrifugal pump of the ceramsite rotary kiln and carefully follow the centrifugal process The pump is planned to stop operation to avoid cavitation and other appearance, and then cause other unnecessary loss.

At the entrance of the impeller, most of the liquid moves along the suction surface, while the velocity on the task surface is relatively low. In the configuration operation, with the addition of external rotation radius, the velocity of liquid near the task surface will gradually increase, while the velocity of suction surface will drop. In the middle of impeller outlet, the velocity of suction surface and task surface is basically equal. In this way, the operation of lime rotary kiln will be more guaranteed.

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