The Method to Solve the Problem of Brick Dropping in Rotary Kiln

时间:2021-03-05 作者 :超级管理员

During the drying process of rotary kiln, the bricks often fall off, which seriously affects the normal use of the kiln. Many users do not know the reasons for this phenomenon, so they have no way to solve the problem. In order to solve the problems, the details can be understood through the following.

When the kiln skin is not well hung, the inner wall of the kiln is deformed due to overheating, the lining of the kiln is not high in quality or is not replaced on schedule after being thinned, the middle line of the kiln is not straight, the tyre and base plate are worn seriously, and the radial deformation of the kiln increases when the gap is too large,

In view of the treatment of brick falling from the drying kiln of the dryer, we can strengthen the batching work and calcination operation; strictly control the gap between the wheel belt and the base plate near the firing belt, timely replace the base plate or add pad adjustment when the gap is too large, add lubricant between the wheel belt and the base plate in order to prevent and reduce the wear caused by the long-term movement between the base plates; ensure that the red kiln must stop, and timely repair or repair the cylinder with excessive deformation Replacement; regularly correct the middle line of rotary kiln cylinder, adjust the position of supporting roller; select high-quality kiln lining, improve the quality of lining, strictly control the service cycle of kiln lining, timely check the thickness of brick, and timely replace the worn kiln lining.

For the reasons of rotary kiln brick, through the above also have a detailed understanding, so for the reasons, we also developed the corresponding solutions, as far as possible to reduce the kiln failure, and through its method, also can fundamentally solve the problem, effectively promote the use efficiency of the later period.