The Reason Why Cement Rotary Kiln Products Will Stick

时间:2021-10-18 作者 :超级管理员

Since its establishment, Hongke Heavy Industry has been focusing on producing high-quality cement rotary kilns, the purpose is to meet the needs of customers. The smiling face on the customer’s face is our greatest wish. The complete set of cement rotary kiln equipment includes many supporting facilities, such as control cabinets, induced draft fans, etc., among which the feeder and rotation speed are steplessly adjusted, so that the stability of its parameters can be ensured, and the maximum output can be obtained while ensuring quality . However, the products calcined in the cement rotary kiln are prone to sticking, which brings great damage to the quality of the products. Why?

After careful research by the experts of Hongke Heavy Machinery, it is found that the occurrence of adhesion is usually directly related to the intermittent manual unloading, because if manual unloading is used, the finished product will stay in the cement rotary kiln for a long time. It will become longer. If the number of times is small, there may be no problem, but once the number of times increases, the phenomenon of adhesion will often occur, and the handling will become more and more troublesome.

          In response to this problem, our technicians at Hongke proposed the need to set up a mechanized special unloading equipment to solve this problem, and the finished product will no longer be stuck. Because the current technology is more and more developed. Hongke Heavy Machinery has excellent professional staff to provide you with the best quality service. If you buy our Hongke rotary kiln equipment and there is a problem, our professional technicians will give you a solution to solve it. Let the losses be minimized and the benefits maximized in the direction of development. Choose our Hongke, good machinery, good equipment!