Treatment System of Powder Calcining Kiln

时间:2016-10-19 作者 :adminhk

The treatment system of powder calcination kiln should be seen from the overall characteristics of the equipment. The following will explain the composition of the whole system.

1. Generally, powder calcination kiln mainly includes multi-stage material preheating, two-stage calcination, product cooling collection and tail gas treatment.

2. The part of multi-stage material preheating introduced by us includes several cyclone preheaters arranged from top to bottom.

3. The two-stage calcination part of the material consists of a fluidized pre calciner, a separator and a fluidized-bed calcination open hearth furnace.

4. The material inlet of the cooling and collecting part of the finished product is connected with the outlet at the bottom of the fluidized bed calciner, and the hot air outlet is connected with the air inlet at the bottom of the fluidized pre calciner.

Therefore, the closed and continuous operation of the powder calciner furnace system makes the material in the fluidized state in the whole process, which is conducive to heat conduction and exchange. At the same time, for the manufacturer, the production cost is low, which is suitable for large-scale production.