Waste Heat Utilization of Cement Rotary Kiln Can Reduce Pollution

时间:2020-10-06 作者 :adminhk

Cement rotary kiln needs a lot of heat in normal production, usually we use coal powder, natural gas and other fuels as the heat source of rotary kiln. Because the temperature required for calcining cement is relatively high, usually 1200-1300 degrees, if such high temperature is lost, it will certainly have a greater impact on the surrounding of rotary kiln. In addition, the temperature of hot gas discharged from the feed end of rotary kiln can reach 3 00-400 degrees, if this temperature is directly discharged, it will also cause great air pollution. Therefore, for the cement ball mill, the impact of waste heat on the environment is relatively large, reduce the impact of waste heat on the environment, so what can be done to solve the impact of waste heat on the environment?