What Are the Causes of Material Blockage in Double Drum Dryer?

时间:2020-09-04 作者 :adminhk

The blockage of double drum dryer is mainly due to some mechanical impurities in the system. When conveying large particles in the material, the viscosity of crystalline material or material liquid exceeds the conveying limit. If the dryer is completely blocked, it can be judged from two phenomena: one is the sudden increase of high-pressure pump pressure, the other is the obvious rise of tower nozzle temperature. If the dryer is partially blocked or can not completely dry, the pressure change of high-pressure pump will not be obvious, but the outlet gas temperature of dryer will increase significantly. No matter what kind of situation occurs, it must be dealt with in time, otherwise it will produce a lot of waste and even cause other faults.

The following methods are usually used to prevent clogging of the twin drum dryer:

(1) Choose the right filter. Filter is a device used to filter impurities in liquid. The selection of the filter screen should be compatible with the filling channel and aperture of the dryer. Generally, the mesh diameter of the filter should be 0.2 times of the dryer inlet, that is, the diameter of the channel or hole is enough.

(2) Set up the monitoring machine, set up the camera device at the position where the drying state can be observed, and then transmit the drying state to the monitoring machine in the control room in time, so that the operator can grasp the drying state and find the fault in time.

(3) Adopt air pressure or compound dryer. The dryer has dual functions of air dryer and pressure dryer. In the process of driving, the pressure of high-pressure pump has not reached the drying pressure, so compressed air is used for drying. When the high-pressure pump works normally, stop the compressed air. Similarly, if the dryer is drying for some reason, this method is not only used to prevent the occurrence of wet materials, but also an alternative method to deal with faults.

(4) The quick opening structure of the dryer is adopted, and the positioning of the dryer adopts the card mode, which is very convenient. The components of the dryer can be disassembled immediately without any tools, which is not only convenient for operation, but also saves a lot of trouble.

double drum dryer

When the heating temperature at the bottom of the dryer reaches 400 ℃ - 800 ℃, the materials are fed from the feed inlet through the elevator, and are scattered due to gravity under the action of gravity. Crushing equipment and dispersing device are evenly distributed in the dryer. Flow (to ensure the heat exchange effect of materials in the dryer). The hot gas is generated by the hot blast stove at the bottom, moving from bottom to top, contacting with materials, and transferring heat to materials through heat conduction, convection, radiation and other methods. Therefore, the temperature of the material continues to rise, and the moisture is continuously evaporated to reach the moisture content. The gas is extracted from the lower part of the chimney by a fan with the required steam.

The materials are dispersed under the action of gravity, and the crushing equipment and dispersing device are evenly distributed in the dryer to ensure the heat exchange effect of materials in the dryer. Most of the blockage is due to magnetic separation. When magnetism and metal meet and combine together, they build up blockage. Therefore, demagnetization device can be installed in the cylinder to avoid magnetic ore and magnetic adsorption equipment.