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What Are the Hazards of the Energy-saving Lime Rotary Kiln?


Energy-saving lime rotary kiln is a commonly used rotary kiln equipment, and this equipment has a good calcination effect, and can calcine different materials. Although it is called white ash rotary kiln, it can calcine many kinds of materials. Therefore, the utility of such a device is further enhanced. Of course, there may be a lot of dust in the calcination work of this kind of equipment. This kind of dust is mainly generated in the work of calcining materials and fuels, and has certain hazards. The following is an introduction. Users can understand and prevent.

The dust problem in the production of white ash rotary kiln is very serious. A little carelessness will cause serious consequences, which is also a major impact on the current domestic environment. This article mainly understands the hazards of dust.

Through the physiological activity of trembling hair, the dust gradually moves these dust particles to the throat, and is coughed up with phlegm through protective reflexes such as coughing and sneezing. Tiny dust particles smaller than 5 microns can penetrate deep into and stay in the alveoli, causing damage to lung tissue.

Generally speaking, dust particles with a particle size larger than 10 microns stay in the air for a short time and are not easily inhaled by the human body. Even if they are inhaled into the respiratory tract, they are often blocked by the mucous membranes or cilia of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx and upper trachea.

Dust can also damage equipment and clinker. This damage is caused by dust and other debris falling on the equipment. Chemical damage is caused by pollutants and chemical effects that damage equipment and clinker. The pollutants have Corrosive, or direct chemical damage caused by entering the climate and absorbing something with a corrosive effect.

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