What Are the Incineration Methods of Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-13 作者 :adminhk

Rotary kiln is a common kiln, but also a more popular kiln type. Its use brings us great convenience and reduces the production difficulty for the production workers. There are many ways to burn the kiln. In order to complete the production work better, let's learn which ways are available.

1. Furnace ash type incineration: the temperature of the rotary kiln is controlled at 800-900 OC, and the hazardous waste is destroyed by oxidation and melting. The ash discharged from the kiln tail is mainly ash. After cooling, the ash is loose. Due to the low temperature in the furnace, the high-temperature corrosion and oxidation of the hazardous waste on the kiln refractory is not strong. Therefore, the service life of the refractory is compared For a long time, the phenomenon of "wall hanging" is not serious.

2. Furnace slag incineration: the main purpose of slag furnace incinerator is to treat some single and highly toxic hazardous wastes, and the temperature is generally above 1500oc, so as to improve the destruction rate. Due to the different treatment objects, complex composition and melting point of some hazardous wastes above 1300oc-1400oc, it is difficult to control the temperature of this type of incinerator and requires higher operation. Due to the high furnace temperature of slag rotary kiln incinerator and the increase of auxiliary fuel consumption, the direct consequence is that the furnace refractory, insulation material fuel consumption, mechanical loss and operation difficulty are higher.

3. Kiln pyrolysis incineration: the temperature in the pyrolysis rotary kiln is controlled at 700oc-800oc. Since the combustible gas generated by the pyrolysis and gasification of hazardous waste in the kiln enters the secondary combustion chamber for combustion, the oil consumption can be greatly reduced. In addition, due to the low temperature and less heat loss, the flue gas volume is relatively low, and the installed capacity is reduced, and the operation cost is greatly reduced At present, some key technologies have made breakthroughs. This incineration method represents the development direction of kiln incineration of hazardous wastes, especially for resource-saving society.

Through the introduction of the above paper, we know that the kiln mainly has three ways: ash incineration, slag incineration and pyrolysis incineration. Each method has its own characteristics. In the future, we can operate correctly according to our own actual situation.